Sunday, October 25, 2009


I woke up to open the gate for Phionah who was headed to church for the first service.On my way to the gate I noticed little bands of insects,in pairs of about 10-20.On looking closer they actually were white ants.(Now before I go any further you need to understand that white ants are not just ‘bugs’,they are a delicacay here in Uganda,especially amongst my tribe.)

I thought of getting a small container to catch them and take them for Pr Ssempa’s kids to see and play with…they love little insects.
However my plan quickly changed after I discovered several thousands other white ants that had lost their wings and were crawling around waiting for a savior to help them fulfill their God given purpose(to be eaten)
They were so many I could not catch them quick enough by myself so I woke up Amon and Joy to come help me.(Joy was not as helpful; bse she has great difficulty bending right she took the pictures)

This was an awesome native african experience…catching white ants.(Disney rides do not compare a single bit to this…seriously)It reminded me very much as a little boy growing up how during the season of white ants(they come out in the night) we would be woken up in the middle of the night to go white ants catching.They are drawn to light.As a result we would go to school late and while in class there would be several kids dozing because they spent their night catching white ants instead of sleeping.

We are going to fry them (without oil)…just put them in a hot frying pan and add a few spices like onions and they will get ready.They are crunchy and yummy…very delicious.We will also be on the look out for more white ants.Let me know if I should send you some.On top of being tasty they are very healthy because they are natural and organic…very rich in protein

SP Onaba
the african