Monday, November 30, 2009


We are in the final days of Joy’s pregnancy. As a matter of fact, her expected due date is December 2nd.We thus are on standby mode just in case anything happens. We will send you a more detailed update on what’s going on this side of the world after the baby is born.

The baby’s room is ready (you can see some pictures on our blog) and the expectation of seeing him has grown and become stronger. Joy and I are amazed at the mystery of loving someone so deeply even though you have never seen or touched them. One of the by products of this pregnancy on our marriage is a maturity that we sense our love has experienced.

For a while we had been praying that God would speak to us regarding a name for our son. We looked thru several names before settling for Gabriel Onaba. Naming for us here in Africa is a big deal because your name carries with it a prophetic declaration of your destiny.

Susan Fuller (our host while in Vegas) suggested the name on facebook and that’s where I picked it up. Gabriel means devoted to God and our prayer for him is that he will be fully devoted to God all the days of life. Its pretty cool because it is in Susan’s house that Gabriel was conceived.

We continue to covet your prayers more so during this time that all will be well with the delivery of the baby.
We both have our times of anxiety, so pray that we will be rested and given wisdom to be the parents that God intends us to be to Gabriel.