Tuesday, November 30, 2010

PARENTING CLASS...."Growing Kids God's Way"

We have spent the last 3months in one of the most exciting things that Joy and I have ever been part of,the parenting class! Our work with couples is steadily growing and every season brings with it new opportunities and needs.From preparing couples for marriage to encouraging them to invest in their relationships so they can have strong and wonderful marriages and now laying the foundation for the next generation....

We were first exposed to this class,Growing Kids God's Way by a family we stayed with in Vegas and when we got back we offered it to 6 of our parenting couples then.In our second season of the class we signed up over 15 couples.They meet in 3 different homes every week.We are about half way the second season and we got some couples (from our class) to share what impact the class has had on them so far....Below are their accounts....

Julius and Adeline

.......We got married seven months ago and the parenting class has blessed us in several ways. First and foremost it has been in our relationship as husband and wife which has greatly improved with an emphasis on date nights, spending intentional time with each as we invest in our marriage because we were told that we can not be successful as parents unless we are successful as husband and wife.
So the lessons on learning to speak and understand our love languages, the daily couch time experience that we have been practicing even though we don’t have kids yet has really helped us focus on our marriage. We are growing and enjoying our relationship in ways we have never before.
We are very excited about the class and are looking forward to learning more principles that will prepare us for our calling as parents when the time comes. We hope that through this we will raise the children and family we have always dreamed of.

Timothy and Rhona
.......We both had different attitudes, beliefs and values that were largely influenced by our different family backgrounds. We both desired to have a great marriage and build a morally strong family but had no real idea how to. 

Our answers began to come as we engaged in the Growing Kids God’s Way parenting class. We quickly understood that our husband and wife relationship is the priority relationship and it will affect the kind of family/kids we end up having. 

We are continuing to be equipped with practical parenting skills, which continue to raise the excitement level in us as we wait for the time when we start having kids. Our desire is to raise a model family that will reflect God to a broken and hurting world that needs healing.

Jimmy and Fiona

......This class helped start a revolutionary conversation about what kind of family and kids we desire to have. The class has helped us focus on the quality of our marriage since it’s the most important relationship and all other relationship depend on it. 

As result we are building new family cultures and traditions in our home as we prepare for our children’s coming. One of them is that, daddy marries only one wife for life. This is huge since our background is polygamous. God has used this class to strengthen our dream of starting a new generation of families that do things the right way, God’s way.

John and Fiona
......We both come from dysfunctional families and as such the class has been a huge blessing as it has brought a lot of healing and repair into our own lives as we hear and receive the truth. 

We felt like our growing up was mostly a gambling experience and without this class we have no doubt in our minds that somehow we would continue the gambling trend with our own kids when we become parents. But this will not be the case because this class is showing us the how to of great parenting. 

Our dream is to be cycle breakers who will stop generations upon generations of poor parenting. We value our husband, wife relationship and spend time investing in it. Our date nights are fun and have really helped us put the spotlight on our marriage. We clearly understand that a healthy marriage is necessary for great parenting.

Special thanks....

Joy and I are super excited about this class and want to specifically thank two couples:Denis and Susan Fuller for sharing this class with us and Mr and Mrs Ezzo for putting this material together.We want you to know that as God rewrites the story of these lives,you have a real part in it.Thank you....


SP and JOY