Monday, March 28, 2011


We've been on a journey  as a community of new couples and families here in Uganda.United by a vision to be a community of healthy relationships,vibrant marriages and strong families,our lives would be shaped by intentional efforts that will help us achieve this vision.

One of these efforts has been,the Growing Kids God's Way,a parenting training course by Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo.It's the second time we have offered the class and this time we ended it with a graduation.

When we asked the students what impact the class had on them,this is what they had to say....

 "....We’ve learnt that God requires godly offspring. To God, parenting is a kingdom issue and He partners with  parents to bring this to pass.
We learnt also that we are best positioned to parent when we are in our positions as husband and wife. Parenting involves sacrifices and prayer, living in such a way as to demonstrate /show examples to our children."

Jimmy and Phiona

"....Through these classes God has enabled us to see what a Christian family should be. We have learnt as husband and wife that God has a greater purpose for godly marriage than we knew about, to glorify Jesus and show him to the world." Ben and Lilian

"....First of all we are grateful for having been part of the class. As a fairly new couple, starting a family, we feel we have been equipped to start on a firm foundation. We have learnt many family values to base our family upon." Robert and Roselyn
 David and Maggie
"....It’s our second time to take the class. With two children, (2 and 1 yr) the values we learnt and continue to learn are such an asset on this parenting journey. After the first class we decided that for the sake of raising our kids, mummy would resign her job, and she did. Today the class simply affirmed this decision. The benefits on our kids, family and marriage have been incredible."
"....We've learnt and decided we won't just walk through life’s experiences. We will put up intentional structures and do intentional things that will road map where God wants us to be. We are called to raise a generation that will define who God is to this world, so we will raise them in godly  virtues. 
Because of the role marriage plays in parenting, we made some decisions, ie, Timothy resigned his job so we could have more family time together. This allowed us also to focus on growing our business to provide for our family. Its been three months since we made this decision and we don’t regret because our marriage has grown stronger and we are excited about preparing for the birth of our first one later this year. This class had a lot to do with many of these decisions." Timothy and Rhona

 Part of the class that graduated

 Some of the "with child" couples who attended the class

 Each graduating couple/student recieved a spanking spoon 
"...This class has helped us first to know that God has order, He created man and woman to be together, gave them different roles for a reason. We have learnt that God desires us to bring up Godly children, we realize its hard work but it’s worth it. 
We have made some decision as a couple to help us achieve what we see ahead as a family. So we do what we do for a reason." John and Phionah
"...Parenting class has directly helped improve our husband and wife relationship through date nights, couch time and new family traditions that we started. We also found out towards the end of the class that we were pregnant. 
This class is a first step in preparing us for this awesome journey of parenting. We are so excited and thrilled." Julius and Adeline 

"....Our understanding of the value of growing kids God’s way has widened as a result of the class. 
We also were awed at the importance that our relationship as husband and wife has on our parenting. We’ve never looked at our marriage the same way again." Tony and Immaculate  
"....This class helped us to know the goal of parenting: which is to raise and train God fearing children with moral values."
Frank & Treasure

"....We’ve learnt that it’s not the responsibility of the rest of the world to raise our children but rather that as parents it’s our duty and honor to do this in partnership with God with the help of a like minded community. 
Our priorities have been changed and aligned to this call." Philip and Rebeca

"...This class has helped me to prepare for my family. I have learnt so many principles that I didn’t know. Much as I wanted to raise godly children, I didn’t know how practically this would happen.

I desire a husband who will be active, involved and present with our children. This desire was even further strengthened after one of the lessons, The Fathers Mandate. 
Having been raised in a dysfunctional family, the class painted a picture of a healthy family and thus helped me to keep my dream of raising a godly family alive." Agnes N 
Paul Mutebe
"...It has helped me to get a true picture of family and shaped me to be disciplined and a friendly child to God and to the community."

These are a few of the stories we managed to pick up,but there is lots more...Our many.. many thanks go to Denis and Susan Fuller and yes, in a big way to Papa and Mama Ezzo...while God is working among us,your finger prints are not missing...thank you!
SP and JOY

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