Monday, August 17, 2009


For about six years now my husband and I have waited to have a place of our own. This has been a dream that has lingered in our minds and hearts and finally it’s here.

It’s pretty unbelievable that now am working through which piece of furniture I want here and there and what color of fabric I want in this room plus what kind of atmosphere I want for our house. I feel more and more like a wife as I walk through this house, and more responsible. In many ways I feel getting this house is another chapter of our lives that God has embarked on now. I feel so honored and loved by many people who have been part of this dream come true. The house is big enough for us to settle and start a family and help us to save so that we can build a house of our own.

Am looking forward to setting up our baby’s room and my sewing space, am also looking forward to my new role as a mother. My tummy is growing bigger (6th months now) by the day and the baby’s movements are becoming much firmer. Sometimes I have observed the baby’s movements right outside of my tummy. This is helping SP continue to be a part of the pregnancy as he watches my tummy and sometimes holds it to provoke the baby’s movements. He is also helped a lot in the process of finding a house and moving. I can almost say he has singlehandly taken me and the baby through this process smoothly.

It’s good to be home again though I miss Las vegas and Canyon Ridge.One of the nice things about being at home is that finally I have my food cravings taken care of. The issue now is my space for food is becoming smaller so I eat small amounts and it’s like every top of the hour I have to be having something in my mouth. I must confess though that I really do miss Vegas smoothies. I have promised to make myself one once we fully settle in the house.

My husband and I are committed to praying for canyon ridge and all of our friends and family who make a great sacrifice to believe in us, pray for us and support us. We can never say thank you enough. Personally many times I get overwhelmed at how God shows His love for us especially amongst the body of Christ.

Please continue to pray for us that we will be used of God to steward the house He has now entrusted us with. Pray also that God will prepare us as new parents and finally that we will have a continued smooth transition into our ministry for the His glory.