Wednesday, August 12, 2009


We are still around and doing fantastic.In all things, our confession is that God has been good to us.We found a house that we are slowly turning into a home.

After we move in,it should give us a sense of settlement and consolidate our re-entry especially to ministry and life here in Kampala.

Joy's tummy is growing bigger by the day.....the baby's movements are growing stronger and more frequent.I was a little freaked out because it felt like any time the baby would pop out of the womb.However my wife has helped me get used.....i think that life specially for baby is too delicate.

This Saturday over 13000 freshmen will be starting their first day of college with the orientation week,at Makerere University.Reminds me alot about my own time as a freshman and the things that happened during that time.I am grateful that i met Christ as freshman....Our ministry team will be doing Prime time outreaches every evening starting this saturday.So pray for this.We are mobilizing atleast 200 volunteers for this project.I will be speaking and sharing my story during one of the Prime times.

I took some pictures of the house and thank God they actually got loaded.I found a relatively fast internet cafe.They are going to be my friends for a while.

SP and JOY