Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Two things happened yesterday....

First,i took Joy out for our weekly date to Bombo,a little village about 20 minutes from Kampala city where we are setting up the goat/pig project.We both had fun.We just found out (not too long ago) that we both somehow enjoy going on trips,just being on the road.I think this discovery and desire was stirred up after our trip to see the Grand Canyon with the Fullers last year.

Joy took some pictures......We both laughed about how romantic it was to have a date in some remote village garden/bush.

This is the site for the pig/goat project which being cleared.

These are snake eggs we discovered.

Joy loved these stray butterflies

This is me working with the guyz

Second,after we came back, i had a little accident.While opening the car door,i hit my right eye brow so hard that i split it into two.There was a little bleeding but not for long.We had to rush to the hospital and have the tear stitched.It was not too bad. I ma actually fine save for some minimal pain.The doctor used removable stitches that will be taken off on Friday.So right now my eyebrow has whiskers......(Joy took a picture of this too,hope you can see it)

Anyhow that was our Monday.

SP and JOY Onaba