Friday, February 26, 2010


I have been thinking about my son.I honestly miss and love him so much.It is funny how the tears have slowly but surely given way to sweet and pleasant memories.I remember before he was born,he would move a certain way whenever i touched his mother's womb or when he heard my voice.It was so cool.

I have never gotten over the fact that he only responded to jazz music.He would move on end whenever he heard jazz music.As i think about it now i really enjoyed having him the 42 weeks God allowed us to be with Him.It was a special something we had going.

Gabriel was a sign from God of His (God's) preesnce with us...immanuel.....The thought of Gabriel is a constant reminder that God is with us.This and other things have been a great source of comfort to Joy and myself.

Gabriel also represented (and still does) a dream of a new generation.A generation that is raised different from the way we were raised....(largely as orphans,absent fathers and mothers,broken,abused,poverty,polygamy sorcery,godless etc etc) We are committed to raisng a generation where parents are present,where one husband marries one wife for life,where children are taught the ways of their Maker,a generation that is not orphaned,abandoned and abused.

A generation that loves God and live their life fully devoted to Him and Him alone.This is a legacy we desire to pass on to Gabriel's siblings and others...

We have also been thinking about a healthy way to rememebr him.We have no specific ideas at this point.We know we have heard about people who start a fund,a school, a some thing...i dont know.What i do know is we want to do something that captures the dream and spirit he represented.

Ideas and thoughts are welcome.