Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Its been a while since we blogged.....not really sure why we've taken long.Our commitment this time round is to be regular's not that there is a scarcity of stuff to blog about.On the contrary there's a lot to blog about....

Well as they say, a journey of a thousand miles begins with one is our first step.(pictures of our new home,from when we first saw it to what it looks like today)

We moved to this place 2 weeks ago and the reason was primarily one.Our former house is located by a dirt road and when the dry season came in,we could not handle the dust that came thru the house every single minute.We slowly started to look around and one day while we (Joy and myself) we taking a discovery walk around our neighborhood,we saw this house...semi finished but we asked if it would be available for rent and the site engineer connected us with the owners and the conclusion of the story is that we are their first tenants.

Part of our garden that we will be using to grow some crops.the soil is brown so we have to get some manure to get it fertilized before we can plant.
Below:Joy holding a chicken that we got her as her birthday gift.She is going to start a small chicken project.

The house is a little bigger compared to our former house(both inside and outside).It will allow us to do a few more extra things we have always wanted.I will blog about what these extra things are.....Our favorite thing about the house happens to be the garden and all the interior space.

Its about 80% right now it's both a home and construction site.We will post more pictures especially of the interior decor that Joy is putting together.We are theming the entire house with the African kikoyi....

Well,I think this is it for now....I wonder how many steps these are so far?

SP and JOY