Thursday, March 25, 2010


Joy and i finally took a trip we have been meaning to since the beginning of 2010.It was refreshing to get away from the noise and activity of the city and instead enjoy another rhythm of life.We traveled to eastern Uganda,a place where i was born and raised.It had a lot of history.while there we both were constanatly reminded of how far the Lord has brought us.

We are back home and feeling a lot more refreshed.
I hope you enjoy the pictures and that they can tell an understandable story.

SP and JOY

The use of bicycles as a means of transport is a common thing in the eastern part of the country.Bicycles can be used by kids as well as adults to carry just about anything.

In most parts of the country,you dont have to go to the store to buy vegetables,fruit or even meat.The road side is used to sell foodstuffs.Good thing is they are usually fresh, right from the garden.We bought some of the food on our way back.

This building that used to be an army shop,was turned into a church.I attended and served in this church when i was on break from University.It just reminded me of the journey God has allowed us to walk.

And down is common to find cows,goats and other forms of animals right in the middle of the road.So when driving you not only look out for pedestrians but also these road users...

The little hut above is my dad's house.. and these kids were attracted to the camera and enjoyed having their pictures taken.

Two african kids with blue eyes.......never seen anything like this!

Thank you once again....
SP and JOY