Thursday, July 26, 2012

JOSHUA - Ten weeks and counting

I was looking at Joshua's new born pictures and comparing to them to his most recent pictures.Truth be told,a part of me couldn't help feel that I was looking at  two different kids.He is the same kid though..our son.

Our Joshua is growing...someone who hadn't seen him in a while had difficulty believing that he is only breastfeeding.They thought that Joy had a secret concoction for fast growth she was feeding him.His nose is similar to his mamas'...his hair is definately mine (grows to a certain point and ceases to grow),we share the same kind of dry skin,thankfully he is a boy.(regular baby lotions will not do the trick).He has said goodbye to his 0-3month clothing.(Joy put these away for the next baby) He  comfortly fits into some 6months clothing.

I am increasingly enjoying being a father.It is exciting to hear all the intelligent cute sounds he makes (exclude the 'I cant figure out why you are crying' cry),kicking of feet and flexing of hands,changing diapers,oh and sometimes he is very generous in what he puts out.This is when i wish all the baby lovers are present)

OK, there is lots to share....I might just write a book (wonder what I would title it and if it would be a bestseller)...Anyways two more thoughts for you:

Some people see Joshua and they say he is cute....and I wonder what is cute about a baby with dry skin and limited hair growth? Girls are cute..... but boys??? The only thing perhaps cute about boys is the littleness about them and their different body parts as babies...their little fingers,toes,eyes etc

This last thought is a headline news story and I will pick up on it in my next post.I have to come up with a catchy headline (perhaps you could suggest one) 

The story though is about a kid who at 8weeks old starts to sleep thru the night,has learnt how to put himself to sleep for his day naps and is rarely fussy.
 There are many ripples of this but one obvious one is; the kids' ability to sleep through the night  allows his parents and care takers to sleep thru the night as well and get some much needed rest...

I have learnt that express uninterrupted night sleep should never be taken for granted,though it is common,it is a sweet gift especially for new parents.

Until next time...
Taata Joshua