Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Keziah Elizabeth Mwiza Onaba

She decided that the scheduled March 3rd,9am cesarean birth was a little far for her.She wanted to make an earlier entry (Midday of Feb 27th)

Joy had experienced several pains leading up to Feb 27th ,that had become a lot stronger and frequent.When we called her doctor to check with him,he asked us to go see him immediately.The result was an immediate admission and consequent theatre appointment.

I was in the middle of buying wood for a job we were doing at the workshop.(a story for another post) A friend of mine agreed to drive Joy to see the doctor,so when her call came through,i dropped everything,got on a boda boda and headed to the hospital.An hour after my arrival,our beautiful little girl,Keziah Elizabeth Onaba,made her entry into this life.

We got discharged on Sunday and are now back home playing catch up to all our plans.These first days are especially tough and so we are thankful for every prayer and thought sent our way.

Its clear that Joshua enjoys the company of his new little sister.The idea that she is a baby and that he needs to be gentle with  her is something we are working on.
We will be going back for Joy's review in a few more days.Pray for expedited recovery and healing for this incredible mother of my children.

SP-tata Keziah