Friday, July 31, 2009


I have spent the last several days in an adventure that is both frustrating,exciting and has quickly re-introduced Uganda at its best to me,a kind of re-orientation in the culture and life of Ugandans.

Bottom be able to have a decent home,in a safe neighborhood there is no middle ground,one has to part with a considerable amount of money.Besides you are lucky to find a landlord who will ask for 3months in advance payment.They ask for 6months.(Crazy if you ask me because i am yet to find a job that pays you salary in advance)

As a country we have no laws that govern our housing,rent etc etc.....everyone decides what they want to do.

I have so far gone through more than 10 house brokers and we have not found a house yet.It is easy to get frustrated but my attitude has been to enjoy the adventure of house hunting.

We have been to some places where if a disease broke out it would be a miracle if anyone there survived.And we also have been to neighborhoods where we have wondered whether this is actually in Uganda...very upscale places.We are kinda looking for the in between.

However we both have a good felling that we will find a place that works for us.With all of this happening we are reconnecting with friends,which is a lot of fun yet at the same time I am having strong emotions of missing all my Vegas family.Please plan on coming down here....may be together we could find this house.

I will be speaking this weekend at our MCC service,so pray for that.
Otherwise we miss you.....and keep praying for us.

SP and JOY