Thursday, April 9, 2009


Yesterday Joy and I had a special privilege to experience a passover jewish service at Canyonridge.Joy did a worship dance which was sweet and I did the prayer in luganda...I actually sang the East African revival song, tukutendereza Yesu,before i prayed.

It was special just listening to the Rabbi teach and show how Jesus is the passover lamb.We are grateful for Jesus our passover lamb who saved us from death.

SP Onaba


Jessica said...

I wish we could have been there- it sounds great!

SP and JOY said...

I actually went to another yesternight....this one was even better because there was alot of participation.We actually had the passover meal.

Twino said...

hey Sp,this is nice,do u have other pics of her dancing,the two of u look good,n for you having a blog that a great development,Toppie

SP and JOY said...


Yes i do have more pictures of Joy dancing....tell the guyz who are not on FB that they can find us here on blogger.

Howz William?He has been quiet.