Thursday, April 30, 2009


Yes we are........Joy was not feeling well for a while and it was kind of unusual.We initially joked about the fact that she may actually be with child but never really gave it much thought.It was Joy's idea that we try a home pregnancy test which we did and it turned out positive.

Last week we went in to see a doctor and have some tests run on Joy and also confirm that she was truly pregnant.It was confirmed but what shocked both of us was that she was 8weeks along....we initially thought that she was maybe 3weeks....

Besides being tired and having flipping food cravings,Joy is doing really fine.Her womb is starting to grow and she is slowly starting to give up some of her clothes.As far as food is concerned,she craves Ugandan food...matooke,katogo,nuts which are not available here in Vegas.

I find myself being very protective of her and the baby..making sure she is ok.I am more careful now when I drive with Joy in the car.I don't know what this is but i guess my daddy instincts are getting awakened.We both have looked forward to having kids and its exciting to see this dream finally start to unfold.This is going to be our first child.I wonder whether it's a girl or boy.I am kind of feeling girlish...Joy feels boyish...

Keep us in prayer for protection and wisdom as we make some decisions right now regarding this new development in our life.

SP and JOY