Saturday, April 25, 2009


We have been doing a radio prayer program (the prayer connection,every saturday morning-7-8) on KKVV here in Vegas for close to two months now.

The set up was people would call in and have us pray for them concerning whatever was on their minds.We mostly prayed for marriages,families,young people,churches and more personal things.

Today however was our last time to do the program because we want to focus on some new things as we come to the end of our time in Vegas.

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Anonymous said...

wow that is so nice, ambassadors of God. i believe you guys' lives will count, it wiil be written in the annals of missionariesto vegas that you were at once there and made such a great impact. any testimonies that you would want to share with us.

we hope to see you soon but the same size as you left us, physically, otherwise you risk spending the rest of the year without food (joke).
we give glory to God for whatever He is doing in your lives. the onabaz, love from the steadyman