Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A BABY BOY is.We found out yesterday during Joy's ultra sound that we are going to have a baby boy.He had no sense of privacy whatsoever.A few days back Joy had a dream in which she had given birth to a boy and her instincts too pointed to a boy.I thought it would be a girl...or better still, I preferred a girl.I gave up my preference several weeks back and just started praying for a healthy baby.The doctor says the baby is healthy and is in great shape.The ultra sound also revealed that our due date may be in december and not october as earlier indicated.(below is Joy...and some ultra sound pics of the baby)

We are slowly starting the search for names and if you have any suggestions,share them in the comment section below this post.(It would be nice for you to give a reason for your name choice.)

With 12 more days left of our time here in Vegas,pray for calmness and peace especially for me because every passing day brings with it anxiety.

We have added an email contact feel free to email us.We will get back to you.

SP and JOY