Wednesday, July 1, 2009


My dear blogger friends,I am still here.I have not given up my new blogging adventure.I came down with severe pain several days back after an infection in my throat slowed my mobility, caused intense pain on the right hand side of my head.I had trouble swallowing anything and talking equaled multiplying pain.I went in to see a doctor who prescribed some medicine and I have since recovered and I don't plan on getting sick anytime soon.

The time has also of now we are counting down(less than 3weeks)and we will be enjoying native Ugandan food and all the people etc etc that we have missed.As a result, a bulk of our remaining time has been spent packing,meeting people,drinking coffees,eating lunches and dinners.....

Today it actually hit me how much I am going to miss my new family here in Vegas.I am trying to keep myself from pray for me.It has been an awesome last couple of months......I am still processing.I will keep you posted on stuff as we go along.

SP Onaba