Wednesday, June 24, 2009

JESUS-Shepherd of my soul

With less than a month left of our time here in Vegas,I seem to be experiencing a fair share of anxiety and strong momentary emotions of homesickness. They remind me very much of our very first weeks on arrival.Yester morning was particularly strong.I woke up and the prevailing thought on my mind and soul was..."I want to be home,right now." It was like a power just swept over my being.

Well, during my quiet time God spoke very gently to my soul thru Psalm 23.The words that calmed my raging soul to be specific were:

I am your good Shepherd and therefore you shall not be in want.
I make you lie down in green pastures and lead you beside quiet waters.

I restore your soul and guide you in paths of righteousness for my Name's sake.
I am the Shepherd of your soul

Since then my soul has been rested.We all have different anxieties and raging seas inside us.I pray that you too will find comfort,peace and rest in knowing that Jesus is the Shepherd of your soul.

SP Onaba