Sunday, June 21, 2009


We just finished a 5 day Middle/High school Camp at Canyon Ridge.It reminded me so much of the camps in Masaka,kako,Mt promise,Ignite.In working with young people, camp is just one of those things that we have seen God use in powerful ways to bring transformation in several lives.

The power lies in focusing deliberating and intentionally to allow God to work in incredible ways.The theme of this camp was based out of the story of Exodus,ie,The calling of Moses to go deliver God's people from slavery in Egypt so they may worship Him, the true and Living God.

I had the privilege of leading a guyz small group.3 of my guyz got baptized and it was one of those God things that just thrilled my soul.I am tired but as i think about the impact,my soul says,the sacrifice was worth it.Who knows what God can do with one life that's surrendered to Him?

There was this one guy who shared with the rest of the group the first night we met that he really was not into this Jesus stuff because of several reasons.I silently kept praying that God would reveal Himself to not only him but to all the 274 students in attendance.After one of the messages,(I believe the sermon was about freedom from slavery) he turns to me and says,"SP,now I get it" and soon after this he asked if I could baptize him and I said yes.This guy could not stop sharing his new found faith and decision.He told everyone who cared to listen.

So much happened but here are some pictures to give you a feel.

The Main auditorium where we had our meetings.

My small group guyz-(we are going to continue to meet)
Worship and praise time

Baptising them in the Name of the Father,Son and Holy Spirit (there were 41 baptisms)