Friday, June 12, 2009


I finally finished my first trimester after experiencing a unique mixture of emotions.The one question I have had to answer everytime someone finds out I am pregnant...."Are you excited?" My answer....Yes I am excited; though of course the expression on my face is different because of all the changes I can not keep up with like morning sickness(thankfully I have not thrown up) unexplained headaches, loss of appetite-my food desires keep flipping. The only constant desire I have is for Ugandan food,katogo,smoked beef in G.nut source,matooke etc etc. At some point peanut butter was my comfort food but this lasted only a few days and to-date I don't even want to look at it.

Despite this,I am doing well and I am thrilled at the thought of carrying and nurturing life inside of me.This is such a divine partnership. I often tell my husband that I do not know how unmarried people (young people) go through pregnancy without the support of a loved one,husband because sometimes its gets so lonely and very helpless. I am convinced beyond doubt that sex and pregnancy were perfectly designed by God to belong in marriage.Love,commitment, acceptance support and community,celebration not shame and isolation make the journey of pregnancy enjoyable. Am so thankful for the support, community and shouts of joy I have received from my husband, our host family (the Fullers), our small group and our church family both at Canyon Ridge and Makerere community church.

I am a week into my second trimester and its amazing the strength that I am beginning to experience. I am able to do a couple of things by myself and the timing is just right especially as we get close to going back home there has been an increasing need for me help my husband pack stuff. I look forward to going back home and yet at the same time it really makes me sad to leave all the friends I have made here in Vegas. I catch myself many times looking forward to the next phase of our life, having a home of our own, having babies, and all that comes with it. Am aware that this is going to totally change my life(it has already started) yet at the same time I know that God has prepared me for such a time as this.

Much Love.
Joy Onaba