Monday, June 8, 2009


We made it to the Grand Canyon and back to Vegas safely.In one sense the GC is a big hole in the ground but yet in a more truer sense it is God's masterpiece.....The Psalmist would say....Creation declares the glory of God.....

Besides the GC,Joy and I saw some of the most beautiful places ever.Here is a brief run thru of the places we went to.

We left Vegas late thursday and spent the night in Kingman (i hope to visit queen woman someday).After our breakfast Friday morning we headed for the Grand Canyon,I was not sure what to expect until i finally got there.Words fail me at this point.Joy took some pictures but they are not as close as being there and experiencing.But let me's this huge huge huge hole sorrounded by mountains and its so wide you can not see one end from the other.You know you are at the GC when you look down and you feel your head start to spin.....thats as best as i can try.

After the GC we drove down to Flagstaff where we had dinner and spent our night ready for our next destination....Sedona (the one thing i remember about Flagstaff was our hotel was lame,the coffee was the worst i have had in my entire life so far) Sedona was our next stop before heading to Prescott where we would spend the night while heading back to Kingman via the historic route 66.

Except for all the new age and sorcery disguised as psychics....Sedona is this beautiful little art town with Red mountains sorrounding it in the middle of nowhere.I loved their houses.If i had to choose between living in Vegas and Sedona,i would go to Sedona.All i recall about Prescott was the nice Mexican-(Casa Ranchez) restaurant that we went to for dinner and the cold that i picked up that i carried along the rest of the trip.At somepoint i thought that perhaps i had caught the swine flu.

Our 2 final stops were,the Caverns at...i forget the place.Perhaps one of my aha places was the hoover dam and the new bridge.Someone please tell me.... how did they build those two things?The dam and the new bridge are humongous.I know our tour guide explained how they did the bulding but i am not satisfied.

I am slowly recovering from my cold which has drained alot of energy from me.Joy held up pretty well on the trip.She actually surprised me.Pray that she doesnot catch some of my cold.

.....Here are some pictures we took...