Thursday, June 4, 2009


Its 5:53pm, local Las Vegas time and in the next 60mins,we will be on our way to see the Grand Canyon.Some have said it is God's master piece while others maintain it's a big hole in the ground.I will find out for myself this weekend.

We have a camera with us so we can capture some pictures that we will share with you so you can decide who is correct...masterpiece or big hole???

We will spend tonight in Kingman and tomorrow proceed to our destination where we will be for the whole weekend.

We also just finished our first phase of packing and shipped our bags and had some taken by friends to Lancaster,PA.(A team of 25 is headed to Uganda on June 17th for a short term mission trip and so they are helping take some bags for us.)

Doctor's Visit
Today we did visit the doctor for Joy's routine check up and the report is that Baby O is growing normally and so is Joy's health.Thanks and keep the prayers going up.

Pray for our protection as we travel and that God would use this time to refresh our souls.

See ya soon.

SP Onaba