Sunday, May 31, 2009


Someone once said,"You can give without loving but you can not love without giving." God best illustrates this statement in John chapter one.....For God so loved the world that He gave......Yesterday,my wife and I got to experience this truth in a profound and special way.

For starters,we have been reflecting on why anyone would welcome two strangers from another part of the world into their lives and home.Denis,Susan,Daniel and Natalie have in the last 10months been nothing short of God's instrument of love to us.As our time to go back home draws near,they decided that they would host a send off to celebrate us and the baby.
(As of now we refer to the Baby as Baby O) this kid has received so many gifts and is loved even before they have an made an appearance.We had over 45 people come and bid us good bye.

The fun part for us was that people actaully did come and they brought gifts.Of the several things from Veags that we get to take back,Joy and I both agree that the greatest of them all is going to be the relationships that we have grown to treasure.And so for all the people here in Vegas who have made our time special,who have loved us and taken care of us,this is our way to say thank you,a BIG one.


This morning we woke up to open the gifts and read all the cards and the experience reminded us of the day after our wedding:-(gift opening) My wife loves gifts,its her primary love langauge.So right now her tank is flooding!Our favorite gift was from the Canyonridge artist is a picture:

Another thing that we loved so much was the gift registry and cards,plainly put it was an american cultural experience for us (My Ugandan friends,trust me,this is the coolest innovation as far as gift giving is concerned)
People felt free to come and go at their convenience because we were open from 11am to 4pm.There was lots of small little things to chew on and drink,lots of conversations and for the kids and swimmers, the pool was open.

In all this we thank God and His people who have spoiled us with Love unconditional.

SP,Joy and Baby O