Saturday, May 16, 2009


Just got back from a two day marriage conference that Canyonrdige put together.My wife and I both enjoyed Dr Bob Moeller and Dr Gary Chapman...very solid men.

Everything they said was great.Some of the topics the speakers covered included:

Communication 101
Creating closeness thru an accepting heart
Understanding and Expressing love
Seven secrets to great sex
Initiating positive change
How to share the things that bug you

It just got me thinking about our couples ministry,3hearts and our vision of being cycle breakers in a culture that has been damaged by polygamy and HIV.Joy and I are excited to see the fruit so far,of young people who have chosen to live sexually pure lives,get engaged,get married and start the chapter of having babies.We are seeing with our eyes the beginning of the transformation of an entire generation.

I liked the application for the couples at the end of the conference:

1. Work through a marriage book together
2. Once a year attend a marriage event/conference
3. Read a book on marriage together every year.

Once we get back to Kampala,we want to pioneer these kind of ideas.Rewriting history is what God has given us and others the opportunity to do.
I encourage you like I have been to seek to be a better husband and invest in your marriage that Christ may be glorified.