Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This week has been one of those weeks.....Started on a slow note but is going to pick up.Lots of things to process,get done and decisions to make.

I leave for Mexico first thing on Friday morning with a team of others from Canyonrige for the annual memorial weekend mission trip where we will build houses.I am looking forward to this.Yet at the same time a part of me is remaining with Joy and I hope and pray that she will be OK without my physical presence.

This past Sunday was a highlight.My talk at New Community(Church of 55+)was great.I talked about the mandate that the older people have and that they should not neglect that.After this we went with a dear friend of ours(Jayme)to a womens prison where Joy and myself were guest speakers.My wife shared her story and how God has changed her.By the time we left, the place was fired up.The sense of hope and faith was very tangible in the room.There was not a single dry eye in the room,except mine, as we all listenend to Joy.At somepoint I felt like something else had come over my wife.She was in the flow....ver very powerful.

Our time here(Vegas) is nearing its end and so we are entering a wrap up phase.Pray that this will go well.Will share with you more as time unfolds.

SP Onaba