Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I had no idea that some of the benefits of my wife becoming pregnant was my forcefully becoming a specialized pregnancy chef...and so I now present you with myself;SP Onaba,the African iron chef.

You may not agree but atleast give me some credit.(those of you who have not experienced a pregnant wife,have no idea what I am talking about.)

Some of my speciality dishes include:

Plantains from Mexico that must be cooked and taste like the Ugandan matooke.Of course the Mexico ones are an imitation of the real thing...matooke! Now both my wife and I know that they are different but apparently she likes them...My cooking made the difference and for this reason I am iron chef.

The second dish is turning peanut butter (binyebwa) into some sort of gravy cooked/steamed with onions and tomatoes,served with either rice,potatoes or plantains.I tried it last night and when I gave some to Joy to did the trick,again reason for my title; iron chef.

I am yet to experiment on others.....I hope I don't turn out with something dangerous thru these experiments.

I am enjoying and being stretched as I serve my wife during this time of our life.It has caused me reflect more on Jesus and the church,His bride and all the things He did and continues to do as a way of serving her,that He may present her to himself pure and blameless.

Pray for me on this new journey that God would grow me and enable me to serve Joy better.We will also be speaking at New Community(service for the young 55+) and at a women's prison here in Vegas this Sunday.Pray that God will bless this time of ministry.