Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Today was rather a long but memorable day.I was part of the Canyonridge annual staff retreat meeting.Several things happened but i thought one of the coolest things for me was to hear Kevin,the senior pastor clearly share afresh the heart beat of Canyonridge...to seek and save the lost.There was just so much energy in the room.Our day ended with staff bowling at one of the bowling alleys here in Vegas.I was not bad for a beginner.I did not stay to the end because I had to go pick my wife.

Things have kind of flipped for Joy regarding her eating habits.She hardly has an appetite to eat anything and this is getting us a little concerned.Today she felt like eating beef stew made the Ugandan way,so being the good chef- husband that I am,I went to the kitchen and did my Ugandan thing.I basically boiled beef and added some onions,tomatoes,carrots plus potatoes.(these are the specific ingredients she asked for) The result was a dish that surprisingly, Joy ate.As I type this blog,she is laying peacefully by my side having sweet dreams.Please pray that God will give Joy an appetite for food.